Criminal Defense Attorney Lindsey Pulliam

criminal defense attorney Lindsey PulliamAttorney Lindsey Pulliam is a true Fort Pierce and Saint Lucie County native who was born and raised in the Treasure Coast community. She feels fortunate to have had her childhood here, and knows how supportive the residents of St. Lucie can be.

Lindsey is committed to being part of that supportive network by serving those in need of legal defense in Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach and surrounding areas.

While her law degree and legal skills are in high demand, Attorney Lindsey Pulliam is dedicated to keeping her roots right here in St. Lucie County, where she is motivated to fight for her clients’ rights when they most need protecting. This is more than her job; it is a responsibility that she takes very seriously.

Legal Experience

After receiving her law degree from Barry University School of Law in 2012, Attorney Pulliam passed the Florida Bar Exam that year. Being admitted to practice law in Florida, Lindsey managed to obtain the best criminal defense experience there is: working for the State Attorney’s Office.

In the 19th Judicial Circuit, Fort Pierce, the State Attorney’s Office received over 90,000 cases during Attorney Pulliam’s time there.

In 2011, while attending law school, Lindsey became a Certified Legal Intern and sat as Second Chair for the State in numerous misdemeanor and criminal traffic cases. She assisted lead prosecutors in trying DUI cases, and her trial experience included:

  • Direct examination of witnesses
  • Cross-examination of witnesses
  • Giving Opening Arguments
  • Giving Closing Arguments

Get Help Now

After becoming a member of the Florida Bar, the State Attorney’s Office hired Attorney Pulliam fulltime in 2012. She was entrusted with a large caseload of between 300 – 500 open cases at any given time, and had several primary responsibilities:

  • Case Strategy Sessions –Which cases to file charges in;
  • Determination of what charges to file; and
  • Case-by-case strengths & weaknesses assessment.
  • Trial preparation for DUI and criminal traffic cases.
  • Witness preparation for jury trials.
  • Preparing experts for jury trials.
  • Voir dire (jury selection questioning).
  • Preliminary hearings and motions arguments.

Now on the other side of the courtroom, Attorney Pulliam uses her prosecutorial experience and insights to skillfully gain advantages for all clients she represents as a criminal defense lawyer at Kessler Law Firm.

Special Training in DUI

2015 DUI Defense Lawyers Summer Seminar

Attended 3-day seminar provided by DUIDLA in Chicago, IL.

  • Suppressing DUI Chemical Test Results
  • Rules of Evidence for the DUI Lawyer
  • Challenging Breath Test Results
  • DUI and Bench Trials
  • Blood Lab Discovery
  • How to Cross-examine the State’s Expert

2015 Diving into a DUI Case

Attended 3-day seminar provided by Trial Skills University in Key West, FL.

  • DUID Learning lecture on driving under the influence of drugs.
  • Marijuana Learning lecture on cannabis evidence.
  • Blood Testing Learning lecture on enzymes testing.
  • Blood Labs Learning lecture on blood lab analysis.
  • Intoxilyzers Learning lectures on Intoxilyzer 5000, Intoxilyzer 8000 and Intoxilyzer 9000 machines.

2013 DUI Trial Training

Attended week-long class provided by the State Attorney’s Office (Fort Pierce, FL.)

  • Intoxilyzer machine training.
  • Practical training in DUI case arguments.
  • Requirements for law enforcement to become breath testers.
  • Requirements for becoming a breath machine instructor.
  • Agency inspector requirements for local breath machines.
  • Mock Trial examination of police breath testers.

Representation Achievements

Assisted lead prosecutors on criminal traffic cases for the State Attorney’s Office in the 19th Judicial District in Fort Pierce, FL. Sat Second Chair with seasoned felony attorneys and assisted them in trying their cases.

Argued on behalf of the State before Honorable Kathryn Nelson and Honorable Clifford Barnes county court judges to oppose suppression of evidence and witness testimony.

Tried several DUI cases before a jury on behalf of the State as lead prosecutor.

Leadership in the Legal Community

2010 Writing Center Leader –Barry University School of Law.
Guided 1st and 2nd year law students on proper citation methods in drafting legal memorandums. Reviewed upper-level students’ papers for proper case and authority citation; proofed all papers for spelling and grammar issues.

Bar Memberships & Associations

Admitted to the Florida Bar
Attorney in good standing admitted to practice in all state and local courts.

  • Active member of the Florida Bar Association.
  • Active member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association.
  • Active member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • Active member of the St. Lucie County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.


Barry University School of Law Orlando, Florida
Juris Doctorate 2012

Florida Atlantic University Port St Lucie, Florida
B.A. in Criminal Justice 2008

Indian River State College Fort Pierce, Florida
Associate’s in Arts 2005

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