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8Apr, 20
house arrest criminal defense

Recently, the Governor issued a “stay the #$%* at home” order, which he called “shelter in place.” Basically, he ordered all of us onto “house arrest.” But what is “house arrest” really? In Florida, house arrest is called the Community Control supervision. Florida Statute 948.001(3) defines the program as a form of “intensive, supervised custody ... more

14Feb, 20

According to several media reports, a police raid on the house of a British-Italian family has found almost 50lbs of dried basil, which the family claim is for personal use. Police raided the home of the Russo family after several reports from neighbors of pungent odors coming from the house. The police quickly found almost ... more

2Jan, 20

VERO BEACH — A local woman was arrested early recently after officers said she punched an officer  and caused a disturbance at a Vero Beach IHOP. The woman was charged with several crimes including battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence and trespassing after “acting irate” toward the restaurant’s other customers, according ... more

6Jan, 16

In June, I received a call from my good friend Beth Tibbott, a dynamite young Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer. Mike, I have been asked to take on a first degree murder case. Will you help me? Of course! Tell me about the case. She did. It seems that one Edward Merritt had been arrested by ... more

3Jun, 15

This morning’s jury trial began at 9:30 with the prosecutor’s opening statement. She gave hers, I gave mine, and she called her first witness. This was a domestic battery accusation, and witness number one was the accuser. I was loaded for bear. I had photographs that contradicted her claim. I had certified copies of her ... more

21Feb, 14

Getting to Not Guilty Despite Two Detectives’ Claims Convicted sex offenders living in Florida are required to register and provide their residence address with their local sheriff’s office. Florida law requires the probation department to confirm periodically that the address for those offenders who are on probation are both current and accurate. Conversely, sheriff’s departments ... more

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