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10Jun, 16

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled today that a judge who had a “significant, personal involvement” in a case while in a previous role as a prosecutor must recuse (disqualify) himself from ruling on the case at a later stage. Can I get a “duh” anybody? Here’s the kicker: the vote was 5-3. ... more

6Mar, 15

I am embarking on a journey, a campaign, if you like, a sort of Johnny Appleseed-like endeavor. One of America’s fondest legends is that of Johnny Appleseed, a folk hero and pioneer apple farmer in the 1800’s. There really was a Johnny Appleseed and his real name was John Chapman. He was born in Leominster, ... more

26Oct, 12

Robert Fulghum and I do not have much in common. All I really need to know, I did not learn in kindergarten. Not in law school, either. Continuing To Learn New Criminal Defense Strategies That Work My formal legal education ended in 1985, when I graduated from UNC School of Law, and passed the Florida Bar ... more

24Nov, 11

As I prepare to occupy the kitchen, and then the Thanksgiving Dinner table, I am moved to pause, and to give thanks. I have so much to be thankful for. I thank God for giving me good health and great ambition. I am thankful for a wonderful, patient and supportive wife, who overlooks my obvious ... more

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