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11Feb, 21
Kessler Law Firm Podcast

I have started a podcast, simply called The Kessler Law Firm Podcast. This will be a way to share some conversations about a variety of topics related to the law, and about my experiences as a Defense Attorney on the Treasure Coast and, in fact, all over Florida and beyond. Some of these will only ... more

9Jun, 20

A Fort Pierce police officer believes that I hate cops. He wrote that on my Facebook page. I am sorry he feels that way. I do not hate police in general. I cannot think of one police officer I have ever met that I have ever hated personally. I certainly like some more than others. ... more

10Apr, 20
fort pierce criminal defense attorney

This Judge who forced lawyers to appear in person is now dead  This Judge who forced lawyers to appear in person despite the coronavirus pandemic is now dead, according to a news story in The New York Daily News. Johnny Lee Baynes, a judge in Brooklyn since 2005, died on Thursday of pneumonia related to ... more

6Apr, 20
solitary confinement

Stay the *%$! at Home!! Solitary Confinement as a Choice, Not a Punishment For a couple of weeks now, I have been pondering the concept of solitary confinement. Since I am studying to become a lawyer/scientist, and not merely a criminal defense lawyer, I have done some research. I found one article fascinating: “The effects ... more

13Aug, 14

Stephen Jones is the current dean of the National College DUI Defense. He also serves as chairperson of the curriculum committee. About a year ago, Jones invited me to lecture at the 2015 winter session in Orlando, and I accepted his invitation. We agreed that my presentation would be on ethics. Frankly, I was surprised ... more

18Feb, 14

A few weeks ago, a friend and colleague who lives and works in rural Oklahoma reached out to me for help. It seems a friend of his had been arrested at the Jacksonville airport by employees of TSA. Not for smuggling contraband. Not for terrorism. For battery. On a TSA employee. It seems my colleague’s ... more

25Feb, 13

I was delighted to be a Featured Instructor at the Criminal Defense seminar in Miami presented by International Legal and Forensic Science Services (ILFSS) on February 18. I led off the seminar with a session on Pre-Trial Strategies and Tactics, and joined in on the Trial Panels teaching Cross-Examination and Closing Arguments. A special thanks ... more

15Aug, 11

“You understand that being under the influence, of alcohol or drugs, or both, impairs your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to human life to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both. If you continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, ... more

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