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16Jun, 22

Associate Attorney Wendy Diaz talks to my brother, Ken, who runs an online Christmas music station and podcast called “The Sounds of Christmas”, about a recently-filed lawsuit against Mariah Carey over her song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. WD: All I want for Christmas is a lawsuit. KK: Yeah, here’s the story. In ... more

11May, 22

Well, of course, everybody is talking about Politico publishing the leaked draft of the United States Supreme Court abortion ruling that’s going to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Well, as a man, I don’t have the right to make decisions about women’s health issues. So I’m going to talk about the court and how they go ... more

6May, 22

Attorney Meredith Jones, who is of counsel for the Kessler Law Firm, weighs in on the recently leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court, which indicates that they are preparing to overturn Roe v Wade. I’m giving my opinion today both as an attorney and as a woman. To me, they are inseparable. And I ... more

5May, 22

Associate Attorney Wendy Diaz weighs in on the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on overturning Roe v Wade. The main focus of the draft opinion by Justice Alito is the abortion issue and Roe vs. Wade. It really takes a very personal and professional evaluation because I am a female, I am a lawyer, so ... more

4Apr, 22

Today, I’m chatting with my good friend, attorney Cliff Barnes about winning another one of those DUI cases that was thought to be unwinnable. CB: Well, I had a success in a case and I wanted to share it with the whole legal world. MK: Oh, that’s great. Is this another one of those cases ... more

31Jan, 22

Today, I want to talk about decision making. There comes a time in every case when one must fish or cut bait. One must decide – do we settle this case or do we take it to trial? The thing is – it’s always the client’s decision. I’m very careful when I meet with a ... more

24Jan, 22

I’m joined today by my good friend Cliff Barnes. MK: Cliff, I understand you ventured into the trial forum last week. CB: First jury trial in seventeen years, Mike. MK: Let us hear about it. CB: Well, we got a two-word verdict, which is always an encouraging sign. CB: This should go under the Unwinnable ... more

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