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18Aug, 21

Today, Associate Attorney Wendy Diaz is sharing some information on pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements. Prenuptials – you’re thinking about getting married and with all of the great planning, let’s just add one more thing, let’s just add a contract. That’s what a prenuptial is. It is a contract between future-husband and future-wife to plan ... more

10Aug, 21

This week, legal assistant Joe Mancini and I compare notes on some of our favorite movie and TV lawyers, and some things we’ve learned from them. JM: I love movies, but when I watch movies with attorneys, I have two focuses. One is just the movie itself, and by that I mean the plot, the ... more

3Aug, 21

From Associate Attorney Wendy Diaz… Today, I’d like to talk about guardianships and conservatorships. Guardianships happen when someone, either an adult or a minor, needs assistance in taking care of their financial means. Guardianships are appointed by the court, and the person that is being taken care of is called a ward. We have a ... more

7Jul, 21

From the newest member of our team, Wendy Diaz… Today, we’re talking about Family Law. What is it? Family Law is the area of law that pertains to family relationships. Whether a person is married to someone, whether they have an intimate relationship, whether they live together, and the different relationships with people that might ... more

28Jun, 21

When I started doing podcasts, one of my kids posted on his Facebook page, “I can’t believe my Dad has got a podcast before I do!” And then he went on to say, “It’s really just a commercial and he’s just bragging about how much he wins.” Well, today, let me tell you about a ... more

7Jun, 21

We were talking the other day, a few of my lawyer colleagues and me, about lawyers who had influenced us, inspired us, taught us, mentored us, shaped our careers.. I’ve got a fairly lengthy list. Of course, I mentioned Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird. And Perry Mason. I think I read all of ... more

26Apr, 21

I recently participated in a round table discussing jury trials in the COVID age. And here’s what I learned from that. The judge on the panel, one of our local judges who’s conducted a few jury trials, basically let it be known that, as long as there are cases to try, as long as there ... more

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