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22Feb, 21

We’ve been handling some fairly serious subjects lately, so my good friend Cliff Barnes and I thought we’d talk about a couple of our cases that were the most fun. CB: I’ve had quite a few funny ones but today we’ll talk about the great Oreo Cookie Case. CB: I had the pleasure many years ... more

15Feb, 21

I have people frequently come to see me that either have a Public Defender or are considering a Public Defender, and they want to air their grievances. They’ll tell me, “The Public Defender just works for the State.” Or they’ll say, “The Public Defender doesn’t care about my case, or doesn’t care about me.” Those ... more

8Feb, 21

One of the main focuses on our work at the Kessler Law Firm is DUI defense. I thought I’d take some time to talk about Formal Review Hearings (some people call Refusal Hearings). For this conversation, I’ll be talking to my good friend Joe Mancini. Joe was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1983, after ... more

15Jan, 21

People frequently come to me for help after someone else has told them, “This case can’t be won.” I like to talk about “cases that can’t be won” that we’ve won. A typical case of that kind is when the State wants to get a driver’s medical records. A driver’s been in an accident, taken ... more

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