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15Apr, 11

Right from the start of your arrest, you will have a large amount of paperwork coming your way.

Expect to receive forms used by the police, information from the jail, from your bondsman, and from court hearings in your case.

You will also hear from your lawyer and his or her support staff.

While your lawyer may want the originals or copies of some of the forms, it is critical to your defense that you keep at least a copy of everything, especially the court documents your lawyer sends you.

That way, if your lawyer calls you and asks you a question about a specific document, you will be able to quickly give an answer.

Expect copies of all motions and filings as you defend your drunk driving penalties

This is your case.   The criminal charges are against you as the defendant.

Your lawyer must send you a copy of all of the paperwork and documents either send by the court or the prosecutor.

If your lawyer asks you a question about a document or a videotape, be prepared to give him or her honest and straightforward answer.

Spend the time to look at the evidence and be an active participant in your legal proceedings.

Expect any and all offers for a settlement or plea to be communicated to you by your drunk driving defense Attorney

You have been charged by the state with a crime.  It is your good name, your driving privileges, your freedom from incarceration that are at stake here.

Thus, it is you who must decide to accept or reject any offers from the prosecutor to settle your case without a trial.

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Attorney Mike Kessler
Written by: Attorney Mike Kessler

Attorney Kessler has been practicing criminal law in Florida for 30 years. He is recognized as is a leading authority on drunk-driving defense as well as a founding member of the Saint Lucie County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and co-author of The DUI Book: Florida Edition, the definitive resource on DUI in Florida.

To speak with Mike, call 772-466-4900 or click here for a free consultation.

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