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19Apr, 11

Defenses related to the legality or sufficiency of the indictment, accusation, complaint, information, or other charging instrument (such as a uniform traffic citation) during your drunk driving arrest In a criminal prosecution, you start with a presumption in your favor that you are innocent until and unless proven guilty. You also have the right to ... more

15Apr, 11

Right from the start of your arrest, you will have a large amount of paperwork coming your way. Expect to receive forms used by the police, information from the jail, from your bondsman, and from court hearings in your case. You will also hear from your lawyer and his or her support staff. While your ... more

13Apr, 11

Simply stated, driving on a suspended license is a new, additional crime. These added offenses greatly increase the likelihood of your receiving a jail sentence, especially if you are a repeat offender or have serious charges pending when you drive while suspended. Driving on a suspended license might also worsen your pending DUI-DWI case if ... more

8Apr, 11

  IMPORTANT: If you’ve recently been arrested for a DUI in Florida the first 10 days are vital in keeping your driver’s license. Contact Attorney Michael Kessler today to start the ball rolling in your defense before it’s too late. (772) 466-4900 If you refused to submit to the requested chemical test after your arrest, ... more

23Mar, 11

Immediately contact an attorney that specializes in drunk driving defense The situation you face when arrested and charged with a DUI-DWI crime is one of the most tangled legal webs in the entire criminal justice system, and gets literally more tangled with every passing day. In addition, the police and the prosecutor already have almost ... more

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