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11May, 11

Defenses related to the credibility of the prosecution’s blood testing evidence. Before a blood test result may be admitted into evidence against you by a trial judge, the prosecutor must be able to cross several “hurdles” that your defense lawyer may raise. At each point in the prosecutor’s offer of proof that the blood test ... more

5May, 11

Challenges to the officer’s ability and experience in determining an impaired driver from an unimpaired driver. Certainly, a law enforcement officer with years of experience conducting DUI-DWI investigations, and with advanced extensive training in DUI- DWI evaluations, is much more likely to be able to distinguish an impaired driver from a driver who is unimpaired ... more

19Apr, 11

Defenses related to the legality or sufficiency of the indictment, accusation, complaint, information, or other charging instrument (such as a uniform traffic citation) during your drunk driving arrest In a criminal prosecution, you start with a presumption in your favor that you are innocent until and unless proven guilty. You also have the right to ... more

18Mar, 11

Most people are so certain that being confronted by a police officer investigating a possible DUI-DWI offense will not happen to them that they make little or no preparation for the possibility. About one million people made that error last year, and not a single one thought it could happen to him or her either. ... more

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