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17Jun, 11

Defenses related to the admissibility of the prosecution’s breath testing evidence. If you did submit to a State administered breath test, the prosecution must prove that at the time of your test the electronic equipment was in proper working order, that it had been properly maintained, and that the breath test was conducted in a ... more

5May, 11

Challenges to the officer’s ability and experience in determining an impaired driver from an unimpaired driver. Certainly, a law enforcement officer with years of experience conducting DUI-DWI investigations, and with advanced extensive training in DUI- DWI evaluations, is much more likely to be able to distinguish an impaired driver from a driver who is unimpaired ... more

13Apr, 11

Simply stated, driving on a suspended license is a new, additional crime. These added offenses greatly increase the likelihood of your receiving a jail sentence, especially if you are a repeat offender or have serious charges pending when you drive while suspended. Driving on a suspended license might also worsen your pending DUI-DWI case if ... more

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