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If you or someone close to you is facing an DUI or other criminal charge, you know there’s a great deal at stake. Requesting aconsultation may be the most important first step toward minimizing or even eliminating consequences.

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    Mr. Kessler is a true credit to his profession

    “Mr. Kessler defended my son on DUI charges twice. I have found him to be a highly skilled defense attorney who not only knows his way around a courtroom but also takes the time to LISTEN to and answer his clients concerns, issues and questions. He is totally dedicated to the defense of his clients and will explore every avenue necessary to do so. He puts a human face on the sometimes cold, frightening world of the court system.”

    — Brenda


    “Kessler knows DUI law like no one else in Port Saint Lucie County. He has a licensed Private Investigator on staff; he has taken all the courses on DUI that the Port Saint Lucie cops have taken. He even owns his own Intoxilyzer 8000 and can teach a jury why the evidence it produces is unreliable.”

    –R.M Fort Pierce

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