Wrongly Arrested for DUI

More people are wrongly accused of DUI than any other crime on the books

Why? Because a DUI arrest is a judgment call.

If a police officer arrests you for DUI in Fort Pierce, elsewhere in St. Lucie County or anywhere on the Treasure Coast, it’s because she/he thinks you are drunk.

The judgment is based on the officer’s opinion – and nothing else. The police officer is guessing based on his/her interpretation of your demeanor and appearance.

It is not against the law to drink and drive in Fort Pierce

But it is against the law to drink TOO MUCH, and drive. Even the most diligent police officer often guesses wrong.

After all, the officer, who has no real medical training, is giving an opinion about the effects of an unknown amount of a drug (alcohol), consumed by a person the officer does not know, over an unknown period of time.

No doctor would do that, but police officers do every day.

It’s no surprise that police often get it wrong. Here are some of the many reasons for an improper DUI arrest:

  • DUI field sobriety tests are notoriously inaccurate and unfair
  • The officer may have a provable bias against people who drink
  • Breathalyzer tests may be inaccurate or wrongly interpreted
  • Your breath test may not support the arresting officer’s opinion
  • Something other than alcohol may have caused a seemingly high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • Your DUI arrest information may not hold up
  • You blew below the DUI limit
  • The evidence does not support what the officer claims she/he saw
  • The case is wrongly handled

These are just a few reasons why more people are wrongly arrested for DUI than any other crime on the books in Florida. DUI Defense Attorney Michael Kessler will explore every angle and examine every piece of evidence to provide you with a vigorous DUI defense.

Wrongly arrested for DUI in Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie or elsewhere in Saint Lucie County?

DUI Attorney Michael Kessler has his own Intoxilyzer 8000 and can convince a jury why it’s inaccurate or unreliable. He knows what the cops know, because he has taken the same impaired driving training courses they have. Kessler will fight to protect your legal rights, have the charges against you dropped or reduced, keep you out of jail and protect your driving record.

Looking for straight talk and honest answers about your DUI arrest, your drunk driving case, your options, your driver’s license and your chances of going to jail? If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Saint Lucie County, Martin County, Indian River County, or elsewhere on the Treasure Coast, contact DUI Attorney Michael Kessler immediately for a case review.

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