DUI Attorney Kessler Wrote the Book on DUI in Florida

Attorney Kessler is the author of the Florida section of The DUI Book – Florida Edition – the definitive text on Florida DUI law and DUI defense. (The book’s general section was written by nationally acclaimed DUI lawyer William C. Head.)

The DUI Book explains in plain, simple, easily understandable English the ins and outs of DUI in Florida. The book describes Florida’s legal processes and procedures pertaining to DUI, and provides straightforward answers to questions about DUI in Florida.

Florida DUI Book - Attorney Kessler

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Topics include:

  • Arrest and bail procedures
  • How to find and interview DUI defense lawyers
  • The discovery process
  • Evidence that helps your case
  • Preparing for trial
  • Driver’s license issues
  • Common issues arising under the law

The DUI Book is no substitute for having a licensed, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated DUI defense attorney. It is, however, a helpful guide that you will find useful if you are charged with DUI in the state of Florida.

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How to Purchase The DUI Book

To order The DUI Book, Florida Edition, by renowned Florida DUI Attorney Michael Kessler, at $99 per copy, contact Kessler Law Office directly by phone, 772-466-4900 or complete the form below.

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