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Update January 2021: Defense Attorney Michael Kessler has started a weekely podcast about Cases that Can’t be Won. Find out more by visting his Buzzsprout Profile.

Attorney Kessler’s DUI cases and expertise have been covered by numerous TV, radio and news media.

Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Kessler - Vero Beach

Here are just a few examples of the attention he has received:

Sebastian Daily, 11/8/21 – Jury Acquits Sebastian Man of DUI Manslaughter Charges – “This was a tragedy,” Kessler told Sebastian Daily, “but these people did not die because Mr. Wheeler’s SUV hit them at his speed of 9 miles per hour. They died because they were going 70 miles an hour.”

Vero News, 2/25/21Do We Need a Brady List Here To Track Problem Officers

Vero News, 5/12/16Vero attorney a leading national expert on DUI

The Tribune Democrat 1/3/16Charges dropped against man in Moxham murder

Vero News, 7/9/15Charge is dropped, but police still owe apology

TC Palm News 11/3/12Involuntary intoxication: The Mickey Finn defense Fort Pierce Attorney Michael Kessler explains involuntary intoxication and how that defense has helped in past cases.

Orlando Sentinel, 9/20/11Mladen Antolic: Doctor accused of hosting wild sex, drug parties unsuccessful in attempt to toss evidence

TC Palm News, 5/11/11St. Lucie judge throws out evidence in Molly Hatchet guitarist’s DUI case

TC Palm News, 5/23/11DUI charges dropped against Molly Hatchet guitarist in St. Lucie

TC Palm NewsNew trial granted to Port St. Lucie man who as teen accidentally killed friend with stolen gun
Attorney Kessler proves that he will fight for your rights with everything that it takes. After being denied a motion that could have brought a lesser sentence upon a young man, Michael Kessler was able to have the motion overturned by the appeals court.

TC Palm News Sentencing delayed for Port St. Lucie man convicted in death of friend

TC Palm NewsMichael Kessler: Sacred cows make the best burgers: We taxpayers can no longer afford the death penalty
Capital punishment is not only murder by definition; it also costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year. In this article, criminal defense attorney Michael Kessler gives his opinion on the death penalty.

TC Palm NewsMichael Kessler: Rethink life without parole for juvenile offenders
A straight-to-the-point, fact-based article that explains why life without parole should not be a sentence for juveniles.

TC Palm NewsFather in Fort Pierce cleared of causing son’s injuries
In 2007, criminal defense lawyer Michael Kessler was able to prove that his client’s son had “brittle bone syndrome”. This, in turn, provided evidence of how the child sustained the injuries. The client was cleared of the pending abuse charges.

TC Palm NewsSt. Lucie jury to visit hit-and-run crime scene
Michael Kessler defends a client accused of being drunk in the commission of a hit-and-run offense.

News Articles on the Miguel Cabrera Case

Cabrera’s DUI trial is to start Nov. 30 in Fort Pierce

Attorney Michael Kessler is now representing Miguel Cabrera

DUI expert: Cabrera shouldn’t do time

Cabrera May Get License Back


Fort Pierce criminal defense attorney Michael Kessler spent some time as a legal advisor for Planet Vero Radio. Click the date below to listen to the podcast various segments.

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