Medicare Fraud

Facing Medicare Billing Fraud or other Insurance Fraud Charges?

Medicare fraud and other insurance fraud charges can quickly become a nightmare, even when caused by inadvertent billing errors.

It’s time to contact Attorney Michael Kessler if you’ve been charged with Medicare fraud involving:

  • Billing Errors
  • Durable Medical Goods
  • Mistaken Cost Analysis Reporting
  • Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

Medicare billing fraud is one charge that strikes fear into the hearts of healthcare providers and billing service professionals everywhere, but attorney Michael Kessler can help.

While Medicare fraud is the most common type of insurance fraud, many of our clients face charges ranging from Medicaid fraud to Social Security fraud, poor coding practices, fictitious medical claims, unnecessary home health care personnel, unnecessary services, and billing for unperformed services.

Even if the charges have become as serious as conspiracy, money laundering or the acceptance of kickbacks, contact our office today.

Successful Medicare Fraud and Insurance Fraud Attorney

You may already have an attorney you turn to for advice on other legal matters. When it comes to Medicare fraud or other form of insurance fraud, however, that’s simply not your best option.

When your reputation and even your freedom are on the line, look to an attorney who has an established record of helping companies like yours fight charges of Medicare fraud and other forms of insurance fraud.

With years of successfully litigating Medicare and insurance fraud cases, Michael Kessler often resolves cases before charges ever reach court.

Whatever type of Medicare fraud or insurance fraud charges you face, Attorney Michael Kessler has your back.

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