Mortgage Fraud

Port Saint Lucie Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Facing federal, state or local mortgage fraud or other real estate fraud charges in Fort Pierce or elsewhere on the Treasure Coast?

It’s an unsurprising sign of the times. Because of a damaged economic climate, governments are now increasingly aggressive in prosecuting alleged mortgage and real estate fraud crimes.

In Fort Pierce, Port Saint Lucie and the entire Treasure Coast, Attorney Michael Kessler is an excellent choice for helping clients through mortgage fraud or real estate fraud cases such as:

  • Falsifying answers in a mortgage application
  • Presenting inaccurate income information
  • Diminishing equity in a property without disclosing having done so
  • Using fictitious W-2 forms or pay stubs
  • Involving yourself in a kickback scheme

Attorney Kessler will aggressively defend you against whatever mortgage or real estate fraud charges you face — whether you are a broker, investor, accused of being a straw buyer or any related allegation.

Federal Mortgage Fraud – 2 Common Scenarios

If the mortgage fraud or real estate fraud charges you face involve a federally insured bank, you probably find yourself up against the full force of the federal government.

Most federal mortgage fraud or real estate fraud cases involve one of the following:

Deceiving a bank into making a real estate loan

Have you involved a straw buyer to help you purchase property because you were temporarily unable to qualify for a loan from a federally insured bank? Even though you planned to resell the property in a short time, you may be caught in a down market, forced to default, and not be able to repay the loan.

In addition to having lost money on the transaction, your investment strategy is suddenly a federal crime.

Inflating an appraisal

Perhaps you had a straw buyer purchase property on your behalf. Then, by connecting with corrupt appraisal and title companies, for example, the property is sold and resold at successively higher prices.

When the plan is uncovered, you face serious federal mortgage fraud charges.

If either of these scenarios strikes home, you may be facing federal prosecution regarding both actual and intended loss.

The Fort Pierce Mortgage Fraud Attorney You Need

Some federal prosecutors deploy a range of insidious tactics to inflate the intended loss in federal mortgage fraud cases. In such cases, Criminal Trial Specialist Michael Kessler — with decades of experience fighting charges like these — is the attorney you want in your corner.

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