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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Pierce

Designated by the Florida Bar as a Criminal Trial Specialist Attorney Michael Kessler can effectively defend you against any criminal charge. He will guide you through the criminal defense process, advise you about your options, protect your legal rights, and look under every rock to uncover facts needed to win your case. When everybody else is on your back, he’s on your side. In case after winning case, Attorney Kessler re-establishes himself as the authority on drunk driving in Fort Pierce, Saint Lucie County, and throughout the Treasure Coast.

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    Our Trusted Fort Pierce Criminal Defense Team

    Attorney Mike Kessler - Vero Beach

    “A leading national expert on DUI” – Vero News

    An in-depth article written by Ray McNulty describes how Attorney Kessler became one of the leading DUI defense specialists in the country.

    “I wasn’t a DUI expert, I became one.”

    Mike’s hard work, dedication and continued education have proven helpful for many, including the numerous attorneys he teaches through seminars.

    Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Kessler has been featured in many news articles throughout the years. We recommend you visit our In The News page to find out more.

    Client Testimonials For Kessler Law Firm

    Case Dismissed – Mr. Kessler and his law firm has to be one of the most professional yet caring lawyers I have ever met. As soon as I walked into his office and sat with him I knew he was the one to hire. He makes sure you understand the whole process of what you are going through, he also always stays in contact and answers any questions you may have in a timely manner. I hired Kessler and within two weeks my case was dismissed. I would recommend Kessler’s law firm to everyone I know who needs some legal help. Thank you again for everything you did to help my family and I through this horrible ordeal. – John

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    DUI Defense Case Results

    DUI in St. Lucie County – Deputy sheriff turns right off US 1, right after our client had looked to his left before pulling out of a commercial parking lot onto the roadway, across the path of the accelerating deputy, and then turns left, toward US 1. Deputy slams on his breaks, avoids the collision, and then makes a U-turn to follow our Client. Deputy notes no other questionable driving, but makes a traffic stop anyway. Client cooperates, denies having had too much to drink, but get arrested anyway. Refuses breath test. Jury agrees that an isolated driving error does not indicate impairment, and finds our Client NOT GUILTY.

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    Arrested for DUI in Florida?

    Florida DUI Defense BookDon’t Lose Everything You’ve Worked For. You need a lawyer who has the experience, know-how and resources to protect your rights.

    You need the Go-To-Guy for DUI – Attorney Mike Kessler. 

    Attorney Kessler is the author of the Florida section of The DUI Book – Florida Edition – the definitive text on Florida DUI law and DUI defense. (The book’s general section was written by nationally acclaimed DUI lawyer William C. Head.)

    He’s been aggressively defending the rights of citizens since 1985.

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    St. Lucie County Criminal Lawyer Michael Kessler will spearhead the aggressive defense you need. If you’ve been arrested in Fort Pierce or or elsewhere on Florida’s Treasure Coast, contact Kessler Law Firm immediately.

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