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24Oct, 18

The Truth about Miranda Warnings TV has gotten Miranda wrong for over fifty years. On television, when a police officer makes an arrest and fails to read the arrested person his rights, viewers are led to believe that the arrest is illegal, and the person cannot be prosecuted. This is not even close to being ... more

11Aug, 17

I knew this was going to happen. I told everyone who asked me. In late May, Tiger Woods was arrested in Jupiter, Florida, and charged with the crime of Driving While Impaired. As has been widely reported, he had no alcohol in his system at all. Rather, it appeared that he was impaired by a ... more

10Jun, 16

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled today that a judge who had a “significant, personal involvement” in a case while in a previous role as a prosecutor must recuse (disqualify) himself from ruling on the case at a later stage. Can I get a “duh” anybody? Here’s the kicker: the vote was 5-3. ... more

6Jan, 16

In June, I received a call from my good friend Beth Tibbott, a dynamite young Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer. Mike, I have been asked to take on a first degree murder case. Will you help me? Of course! Tell me about the case. She did. It seems that one Edward Merritt had been arrested by ... more

3Jun, 15

This morning’s jury trial began at 9:30 with the prosecutor’s opening statement. She gave hers, I gave mine, and she called her first witness. This was a domestic battery accusation, and witness number one was the accuser. I was loaded for bear. I had photographs that contradicted her claim. I had certified copies of her ... more

6Mar, 15

I am embarking on a journey, a campaign, if you like, a sort of Johnny Appleseed-like endeavor. One of America’s fondest legends is that of Johnny Appleseed, a folk hero and pioneer apple farmer in the 1800’s. There really was a Johnny Appleseed and his real name was John Chapman. He was born in Leominster, ... more

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